Questioning Our Education System

Screen captured from Prince EA video (1:56)

Have you watch this video of Prince Ea giving arguments suing school system (watch Personally I think he nailed it and not to exaggerate but I cried a little while watching this.

In his opening statement, he brought up the classic “fish climbing tree” analogy and accused schools to be intellectually abusive. His follow-up speech hit me quite strongly. I am not a very bright student, I got bored easily with routines and eight hours in class study never work efficiently for me…it just make school more challenging than it already is. Luckily enough my parents never demand straight As from me but as I got to understand how the world works, I realized that it is important to get higher grade to be recognized by the society and this pressurized me to work harder and harder. More than often I feel inferior and stupid because I just can’t get myself to memorize things fast or precise enough, there is always at least someone who calculate faster than me, draw things better than me etc. If you know what I mean and how I feel…terrible.

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Those were gray old days, I thought it gonna brighten up when I start attending university. But the good days have yet to come… It is true that I got to choose my classes more freely but nothing has changed, at least not better; grades become increasingly important and in places with curved grading scheme, class is students’ battle ground. Most people have final exams as their goals instead of retaining the knowledge, I was no exception. I believe that I just need to graduate with first honor certification and the world will think I know my stuffs, evidently, most if not all corporations screen application by looking at his/her GPA before any other consideration. But this certainly is not true. I don’t know anything.

The society has been brain washed all these years, believing that we intelligence are measured by one’s GPA which attained through a standardized test , which only tested very small part of our knowledge. Don’t get me wrong, a lot of people with high GPA ARE SMART, they are know what they are doing or good at studying but this should not mean that they are smarter than others. But most people have talent which is NOT studying or math, not even dancing or arts, more subtle talent like coordinating, planning, building relation, interpreting stories, encouraging, and much more that I have not thought about. These talents are as great as others, it should not be overlooked, it’s not academic or extra curricular, it is just…humanity. But school never teach this, these are not talents, having them are just extra…not very useful – useless. Sorry for being a little emotional but I hope that make sense.

Referring back to the video, I don’t take all his words for granted, he proposed that common core should not be existent and to my understanding imply that only talents should be developed but I firmly reject this idea. In the early stage of life, we go to school to gain experience, to start looking out to the world, try to figure out what we like and dislike, finding our talent and develop it further. Without school, how do we know what we are good at? And say our parents know our talent but don’t you think trying different stuff, learning new things are thrilling, interesting and challenging? We might not be good at it but at least we know whether we enjoy them or not. Everything is just like eating in a buffet restaurant, you could either eat everything fast and in a huge amount, counting only the price of the dish without actually tasting the dish or try every dish, get more things
you like and enjoy. First option will let you stepped out of the restaurant with no idea what you ate, which are your favorite and least favorite dishes, you just know how much you ate and now you left with full stomach but no memories. The later one, you know what you like and dislike with reasons, you have the knowledge and you enjoyed the whole process, not to mentioned you are also full. In both cases you are going to be hungry again sooner or later but one left you nothing while the other add value to your life. Quite exaggerated analogy but I tried to deliver my thoughts.

Retrieved from Google 10/29/2016. All rights reserved.

As I mentioned, I used to think just like the majority but giving myself more time to think about life brought me to this point. Of course some of you must disagree or care less about what I think but knowing that someone might agree or helped with this thought, makes me want to share it.

Recommended movie : I Not Stupid Too (小孩不笨2 or more like I am Not Stupid 2) – 2006, Singapore


6 thoughts on “Questioning Our Education System

  1. The value of the point itself is higher than the moral capacity of learning process. This is one of the reason why student cheats. I have to admit, high school is my main cause of depression. At the time i land my feet for the tenth grade, i was brainwashed by this (ehmm) private school that grade is all you need. I have slightly worst case than you in which i dont have the ability to struggle (cuz of the depression). I felt like a failure. When you talk about intelligence, scientist has proven that there is categorical type of it. Such as, spatial, logical-mathematics, interpersonal and intrapersonal, linguistic, naturalist, musical, existential and many more. This type is real and our education system force us to suit in only two of it. Btw nice article. Sincerely your high school friend

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    1. Thank you Hansen for sharing. Honestly I guaranteed that you are NOT the only one that felt so back then in high school, I hope you are feeling better now that you are in university. Yes scientists proved those types of intelligence, but do you sincerely think that 7.4 billion world population could be grouped into nine (or so) categories? While you might argue that different combinations and compliance degree should be considered, I believe that intelligence could be something totally unexplained. There are many skills in the world that are not perceived as “skill” so called needed in life that is why some people are underrated. But yes I do get what you mean, and absolutely agree that this education system should be improved, it could start by considering other types of intelligence 🙂


  2. “If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will grow up believing itself to be stupid.” by Albert Einstein (probably, since there still isn’t sufficient substantive evidence to credit this quote to Einstein). Indeed, Education should be a mean to an end, not the end itself. Go out and explore, keep learning and expand your knowledge. An interesting take on our education system. Would love to read more of your writing!

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  3. really like this thought, especially what arts or similar called extra or humanity. people should realize that arts also part of study and useful (actually) not just extra or humanity.


    1. Thank you! Trust me, people do see art as a proper subject thus you have it in school system but they are just inferior.. Other items however might never been taught in class, building connection between dots, appreciation, emphaty etc. We could do better.


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