Is the World Ending?

Anyone else also get this shivering feeling that the world might be ending very soon?now-panic-there-s-no-more-chocolate

Maybe it is our karma; remember how we were making fun of world ends last 2012? Even filmed it , now it became a self-fulfilling prophecy. OK, I was exaggerating, but I really feel that the end might be half way here already. Some reasons are so obvious, climate change, global warming, pollution, animals continuous extinction (WWF,2016) and amazing decline of % of earth forest (World Bank, 2016). Well all of these had been going on for a while now and we are still holding on. However, try to read this prediction by geniuses out there (Business Insider, 2016), they claimed that in yearly manner we have to bid farewell to coffee, fish, peanut butter and even CHOCOLATE!!! My life is meaningless without chocolate. There are some more extensive researches on this matter that show even rice and potato, world’s biggest carbohydrate source will be gone in the coming decades – bye french fries, potato chips. This is the most devastating news I will give you in this post but the following issues are not elementary either in my opinion.

A little recap on what has happened (or happening) in 2016; terror attacks including bombing, trucks, shooting, etc.); disastrous natural disasters including earthquakes (especially those > 6 s.r.), typhoons, hurricane Matthew; Brexit; US presidential election dramas; South Korea’s president scandal; violent anti-governor rally in Jakarta; Hong Kong anti-mainland clashes and many more. Reading all these events unrolled themselves was quite frustrating, especially the US presidential election process and Indonesian anti-Ahok rally. I am on no one side, I have no rights to vote in either elections, and it’s not like anyone care about my view but seriously…am I the only one who has become crazily annoyed as I followed the news?

About US election

Retrieved from Google 8/11/2016. All rights reserved. 


Hi America, I think you might have been the most powerful country for too long that you could screwed up this badly. How could you allow TWO controversial candidates fighting for the top seat? One has an extremely bad temperament, whom words are full of contradictions while the other has been proven misused the power entrusted, though the consequence is still in question. Adding up to that, a third independent party is now in the frame who potentially ruin the election drama by trying to win votes of Utah. To sum up, try to listen to Obama’s speech for Clinton, in where he was boo-ed by Trump’s supporters (Obama: “Don’t boo, vote”), this is the world now, adults act like spoiled elementary students rebelling against the teacher.
The climax is coming, leading to another beginning for America and the world. No matter who win, the result will shake the economy, affect businesses and our lives, direct or indirectly.



About Anti-Ahok rally

Sejumlah mobil terbakar saat unjuk rasa empat November di Jakarta
Retrieved from Google 8/11/2016. All rights reserved.

Indonesian out there, are you not ashamed of the country? Bhineka tunggal ika has been taught since primary school, it means “diverse but one”. This was introduced to acknowledge that Indonesia is a large population diverse  in ethnicity, language, culture, RELIGION, etc. Yes, majority of Indonesian are Muslim but does it mean the governor should only be Muslim? Anyway, Indonesia is a democratic country so of course demonstration is appreciated, but does it add any value to anyone?
The rally accused that the governor Ahok has insulted the Koran, it started quite peacefully but due to some provocation it turned out disastrous. The rally demanded to give Ahok death sentence to atone his crime, screamed out swear words and wreak havoc the area. While steamed online, it also had generated hot discussions from Indonesian abroad, one of them-me. I think this incident is very very very meaningless. Firstly, Ahok has apologized for his words and has meant no harm to the Muslim, of course apology is normally not enough if he did actually commit the offense. The newest update revealed that the video maker had actually included the wrong transcript of Ahok’s speech causing miscommunication and stirred angers from Muslims. So it is all just miscommunication. Funnily, Ahok was speaking in Bahasa Indonesia and he still subtitled wrongly-HA!. Second, if it is true that he does NOT deserve to be Jakarta’s governor, then rather than marching the road, doing nothing for the whole day except creating traffic and fear, is it not a better idea to just don’t vote on him in the coming election? Proof your opinion to be correct to others by sharing thoughts in meaningful way, and also listen to what you might actually missed. Through this way, you could gain more without causing negative externality to others. Lastly, personally I believe that the people who caused ruckus are not the same people with the peaceful group earlier march. The reason is simply because the people from the morning ‘shift’ would have been too tired to destroy stuff and if they really planned to, they should just start earlier. Provocateurs must be behind this and real nice Muslim people, I know some of you, do you think you should keep quite and just watch those people using your religion to backed up their evil doings, ruining the image of Muslim, again?


Actually there are still some points I would like to share. The riots in Hong Kong and South Korea are also worth to discuss, but I will keep this post here at the moment. All in all I would just like to say that, something not right is going on in the current world; we are destroying ourselves and the environment will take their revenge on us soon (by giving us no chocolate). More irrational people are causing trouble in many places on the earth. All we can do is to pray for the best and hope that the world will be better in the future, if there is one.

Try to listen to one of my favorite song: Crazy – by Simple Plan about how crazy the world is. Quite old but hope you like it 🙂 Happy voting!


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