Which is Better? Introvert or Extrovert?

I know I asked a very cliche question there and the simple answer is none is better than another. In the past I would blindly agree with the answer but now I start to wonder: is it really the case…

A little background information, I am study business in on of the universities in Asia. English is not my first language and can’t communicate in local language (except for some basic daily conversation).

Disclaimer: From the following sentence on, everything will be from my subjective point of view.

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OK, straight to what caused my doubt: Everyone in around me seems obsessed to transform to be an extrovert! Like people racing to talk to someone they have little interest in just because everyone other seems to do so, they are competing to how many parties and/or recruitment sessions they went, so forth. Well, I can’t deny that in the business world making connection is one of the most important thing which is why I also started to act just like those people in the early days, trying my best to be exposed. The result? Well I got to know a lot of people, which is great! I love meeting them and talk and listen to their stories, changing perspectives and share common interest, know more things. But this kind of conversation normally only happen in small circle gathering, not parties. In the crowd party environment, seldom I can find anyone to share, actually anyone who is 100% conscious. Anyway, I don’t find it enjoyable to talk to ‘high’ strangers especially since I don’t drink alcohol, so I decided not to be part of those group. But actually later I found out that some of my friends got internship and job opportunities from this unofficial talk ; one of them even got investor for his startup. This is why in a way I feel extrovert personality is dominant in this field of work. Dominant however, does not imply that it is better than being introvert. I know there are other line of job that frustrated extrovert like back end works; but since there is very heavy peer pressure in our business study to be front liner, this makes introvert seems inferior than extrovert.

I believe that everyone have their unique introvert and extrovert portion as for myself, I kinda have it equal, 50:50 according to MBTI personality test. Some of my friends regard me as an extrovert because I like to meet new people and always try to build up conversation. Some other said that I am introvert because I am anti-social most of the time (they literally said this :”). Of course how people perceive our personality is important, but no one know yourself better than you do, so I spent two years to find out my own personality and I am proud to say I am an introvert;

Once again, I love to meet people, but I need extra energy to do that, extra effort in finding topics and I could feel very exhausted (and fulfilled simultaneously) after a long chat. While I appreciate teamwork, I also like to work on my own and I feel most refreshed when I have time with myself. Is this bad? I don’t know. I am here to find the answer too. Because of this personality I have failed so many interviews. People who worked with me told me that I was too passive and shy in the recruitment stage which is not good-even though they pointed out that they are very satisfied with my work later on. I don’t like the interview system, especially group interview in which we have to kinda brag about ourselves and make others look worse. I do understand that recruiters also have their own issues on their plate, but I think this make the society favor extroverts.

Going back to the topic. So what do you think? Which one is better?

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