When ‘Foodie’ Goes Wrong

Retrieved Jan 8th from Google. All rights reserved.

In 2016, there had been a lot of innovation on food servings, from adding color to normal treats such as rainbow bagel and rainbow cheese to various combinations of indulgent food that contained hundreds-or thousands-calories per serving. Businesses tried their best to ‘dress up’ their plates and create a food worth an Instagram post so that the social media will do them a favor so called free advertisement. Big incentive for businesses but from my point of view it is not a good practice at least for two reasons;


First, more obvious generalized reason, this trend might have took part in the increasing rate of obesity and diabetes patients. Well human are curious being and people like to be popular, so to reach that most people would follow the trend, though some might sound ridiculous. Putting it in this way, you might have guessed the second reason already; food waste.
Food waste has always been problem in a lot of countries for a long time. In the past most of consisted of ‘ugly’ harvests or ‘expired’ food. Recently however, there had been a lot of cooked food that were not eaten for various reasons but mostly gigantic servings. Some people just bought the trending food, took a lot of pictures, selfie whatsoever, ate half or a bite and throw the rest-just to give a tag “I have tried the popular____”. This is such a bad customer practice which not only wasting food but could also hurt the chef’s pride. Less obviously, some food innovation actually made for performance purpose which are pretty but wasteful. Here are some examples I found (click link for videos);

  1. This chocolate pinata
    Well… What to expect when you hit a choco ball? Guess the outer layer and inside fly all over the place. Of course, no one is going to bother to eat the debris, even when they are in fact chocolate.
  2. Exploding cheese burger
    Excessive cheese that exploded upon being cut. Cheese taste great,  enhance the whole burger eating experience but this exploding effect actually only caused the cheese erupt and fall down to the plate and washed away upon cleaning. See how much delicious cheese are being wasted here?

    Dessert by Caesars Palace. Retrieved Jan 8th from Google. All rights reserved.
  3. Treasure box crazy dessert and these creative cakes
    Obviously, too much mess going on. Pretty, creative but in the end most likely wasted.
  4. Selfie lollipops
    Another attractive and instagram-able treat which include unnecessary waste. Anyway, it’s cute to have a sculpture of my face but I do not wish to lick my own face of bite it.
  5. Lastly, a little off track but I came across this trend and hating it so much; so-called the Bread Face Girl. Obviously after people slammed their face (with make up) on the bread loaf, they will not eat them yea? Meaningless sacrifices #prayforbread.

Well, one can say that I am being to sensitive to this issue and actually no one cares of those small amount of food waste-ice cream melts and juice spills. But isn’t it the same thing as saying car crashed (accident) happened so why bother posting law on drunk driving. Some accidents inevitably will happen but if food purposely wasted, should we still turn blind eyes on them?
One way to stop this hype is to stop posting pretty food just because they are popular. I believe one is NOT a (real) foodie when they only take amazing pictures, it is a job for photographer. One is NOT a (real) foodie either if they just follow the trend and eat trending dishes with no preference, that is job for market surveyors.

“Foodies are people who love and appreciate food, not waste them.”

Note: Of course not everything about this trend is bad, positive things from this trend also could be seen such as increase in nutrition knowledge, etc. If you are interested, here is a good article to start

And more FYI: Food loss and waste facts


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