A Little Thought on Shopping and Some Other Things

Retrieved Jan 20, 2017 from Google. All rights reserved.

So just this morning I came across this post about a woman who only bought necessities for a whole year . I think she did a good experiment and proved that even girls can live without shopping. I rarely shop for clothes and accessories, I don’t wear makeup and cafe is not my place, which is somewhat questionable for most people around me. They told me that those activities are necessary in life especially for a young adult like me; that I am missing out a lot for being so ignorant. I believe that they said it with a good intention but I can’t agree with this saying.

Disclaimer: content might not be very well related one issue to another.

To a certain extent it is true that shopping could make us happy, I mean, who doesn’t love to treat ourselves with something good? But regularly buying clothes just because the dresses in the wardrobe are so ‘last month’s trend’ is so unnecessary and not environmentally friendly at all. Just for reference, in 2012, 13.1 million ton of clothes were trashed in USA alone (~14 million ton in 2014, try to find out how much in your country and share the shocking facts). It’s not that surprising though, if I was one of the trend follower, with the speed of trend turnover in fast fashion industry, I need at least one clothing purchase per month or so (actually I don’t know precisely, this is the purchase of my up-to-date friend). Does not sound too much actually but adding the number to the clothes that already in the wardrobe, it will most likely to be a lot. Nomads people like me tend to sort my clothes collection every time I need to move, but if you have a home (and time) it might be fun to unload your closet(s) and try to remember when was the last time you wear each clothes you have (and check for mold on some of the bottom class t-shirt). This activity might help you think of your own style which is most suitable and comfortable for you to wear such that in the future there is no need of following the trend (which might not be suitable for you). However, if you insisted that new clothes mean live to you then donate/recycle your clothes please 🙂

Retrieved Jan 20, 2017 from Google. All rights reserved.

Let’s move on to places to hang out. Cute/viral cafe, cinema, fancy restaurant, pub and bars, are usually mentioned. Some people argue, only by going to these places they could be called social and that is important. Here I argue that going there will not make us social but just more knowledgeable of stuffs that are ‘in’ thus create conversation topics. To be fair, surely these places are popular due to reasons which might as well be the motivation to go. Similar to argument above, in moderation it is never wrong to try new delicacy.

All in all, either you are more shopaholic or less, there is no right or wrong. Without people who shop, there will be no economic growth. But when people shop unnecessarily much, there will be environmental issue to deal with. Rather than judging others on should they buy more/less; sparing some time to think of our spending habit might be more meaningful. Separating necessities and luxury is not easy but everything start by a step. Our body does not change much after puberty, love and maintain our belongings so it last longer. Find alternatives such as hiking, volunteering, etc. for social experience (don’t forget to keep the mountain clean!).

Note: as said in the disclaimer, I realized this post is rather not harmonized. From my dissatisfaction of other judging me, waste problem to my own stereotype of over-valuation of viral shops. I will definitely try to do better job next time. I just really want to share the fact that is it NOT a must us to continue shopping, not all girls shop and socializing is way more that just hanging out in trend cafe.

TGIF folks!

For you who have spare time, try to watch documentary film “The True Cost” (not into documentary? try Confession of a Shopaholic) , some facts about waste by The World Counts and more information can be easily access by asking Mr. Google. Time to open our eyes before it’s too late.


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