Because Plan Does Not Always Work Out

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Not every plans in life went exactly like how we wanted them to be.. In my case to be exact, only very few things worked out as planned. When I was younger, I have always dream to be a chef, playing with mud soup and soil rice – literally. As I grew older however, I realized that my talent on working with knife limited to spreading jam on my breads or I might ended up hurting the kitchen. So I decided the alternative, I planned to be a veterinarian. Again as life went on I realized that animals seem to dislike me, vice versa. As a child I had so many dream jobs and future fantasies; beside chef and veterinarian, I have had wanted to be basketball player, short distance runner, housewife, writer, pianist so on and so forth. I guess that’s pretty normal for kids, everything seems cool and we aren’t scared of dreaming big just yet. But truth to be told, it was far too early for me to make any decision by that age, I planned nothing and just follow the orders and suggestions given to me, to go to A primary school and B middle school.
Around the age of 14, I started to make minor decisions in life, including high school choice but it does not really matter actually. I have always thought that I will walk behind my older sibling’s footsteps and that I won’t need to make my own decision; graduate high school and go to the same university with the same degree. However, toward the end of senior high school, suddenly it dawned to me that I cannot just parrot my sibling’s decision since we have different interest and capabilities. With very little clue on what I want to be, I chose the safest major in one of the prestigious university in Asia, used up my life luck and got unexpectedly admitted. First big encounter that was not planned, a good one turn in life.

Retrieved from Google February 8. All rights reserved.

I was so nervous about studying abroad and really afraid that I might have made a wrong choice but with other’s encouragement, I decided to face front. In this university, we have a year introduction to the school before eligible to specialized in a major. I spent this one year to planned on which major to study, minor and my other three years study path. Of course I made alternatives in case plan A failed. But sadly, no plan was well executed, I was rejected by my major choice, have not enough credit for minor and that study path has (hopefully) arrived to recycling place. Of course I was upset due to the rejection, I was dejected to be enrolled to the so called inferior major and I felt that my whole life has just ruined, not exaggerated. This was my second life changing unexpected event. It took me some time to cool down and accept this bad news which when I think about it now, actually might not be that bad, and restructure my life.
Half a year after, around two years ago, I was given the opportunity to go on study exchange. I wasn’t planning to go at all since the living expenses are too high around Europe and it’s a waste to pay full tuition fee in my university of I go to university in Asia which generally have lower cost. Anyway, I did my research and found two affordable cities to study in Europe, so with not much interest I applied to those two universities only (normally students choose 10 to increase probability of success). Later I was told that the destination universities I chose were not popular a.k.a exotic choice and as you might have guessed I got admitted and suddenly have to re-planned my study path, again! I could have rejected but I was curious and I dislike the idea of ditching opportunity so I went. Third unexpected event, nervous to fly to Europe alone for the first time.
Before I went. There was another happening, I was offered an internship in a conglomerate for the summer before my exchange study. Unlike the previous case however, I did my research, applied with expectation and gave my best for the interview. It was unexpected for me to get the offer because I found the other candidates have more experience and that I have no expertise required. But I was glad that I was offered and did my best to reach the manager’s expectation and acquired more than one new skills! Fourth unexpected experience.
Work life is so much different from study, it challenge my thinking, tiring but excite me the whole way. Exchange life also does change one’s way of thinking, especially when you came from the study-the-book-everyday culture like me. It also gave me exposure to western culture, which to be honest I found not THAT different to the east, we are all human after all and I came from one of the most diverse country. The experience opened my eyes of out of the book learning and make it happen yourself kind of learning. On the down side however, I became too lazy to attend classes after I come back to my mother university.
Half a year after my Europe trip again I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to have a summer internship in my home country. Before I always went around driving and could care less about my country’s social issues. But then in this occasion I tried to be independent of my parents and went around with public transportation, eat modest and rely only on my allowance. It is amazing how things looked so much different in that period of time. I have been living there since birth but I never really care and take notice of my surroundings, I was too pampered with my family’s luck. That summer, it dawned to me that there exists another side of the city, gloom, dirty, but has their own beauty.
Half a year after, again I was faced with another options. Either spent a chill last semester or do something to fill in the gap semester and rush my graduation requirements in summer semester. In the last minutes an opportunity came by to do work away and I accepted. A lot of things must be done in such a tight time frame, very tiring and I was unsure if I could make it in time. Eventually everything work out though and I just arrived to my new adventure destination! I wonder where will this chance bring me in future.
This has got longer than I planned to so I will leave my sharing to another post.

Listening to Simple Plan – Taking One for the Team, great soundtracks as usual 🙂


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