A New Kind of A…


My friends and family always associate me to working; took too many projects, work long hours, cannot relax, enjoyed doing task even when it is not very necessary — workaholic. While it might be true but it does not mean that it is what I want to be. I enjoy having things to do, being efficient and produce something in result. I also need to work to support my life financially. Thanks to that my schedule is normally full of shifts and my to do list is seldom (or never) empty of prioritized tasks. Even in my leisure time (read: less busy period), my wondering mind never failed to add bullet points to my list, new ideas to work on or progress and revision on what I have been working or has worked on. This behavior started from high school and recently I started to get overwhelmed, which was why I took a short break from things and travel (as mentioned in the previous post). But here is the thing:9051d8061c0e382af394e6a79c5c8cd1

Being busy is addiction, I am out here trying to get out but ended up piling more work due to the feeling that I have more time to invest now.

Currently I have at least four things that I marked high priorities on my new list (which was blank half a month ago). I feel excited to have new tasks with different nature from what I was working on before. I can see my exhausted self around the corner due to overworking (again) but I cannot just drop these opportunities. Is it good or is it bad? I don’t know, but I hope things will work out eventually.

***Marked shortest post so far***
PS: too busy to write longer but I want to write.


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