About Pumpkin Soup and Some Love

“Kitchen is the most dangerous place in the house,”  said my mom always when I was younger. I never hold a knife, use rice cooker or anything. Until high school, the fanciest thing I have ever cook is simple fried rice (rice+egg+sausage+soy sauce+salt+pepper+oil), or if you consider instant noodle is fancy then I can do that too. As mentioned, I went abroad to pursue my university study, during the time, I became the master of microwave cooking, I can cook a lot of different food with microwave but normally without needing knife skill and seasoning.

Original picture: Pumpkin soup with pumpkin seeds. All rights reserved.

Sometime last week, I was asked to be a translator in a discussion about fine dining plan for 13 people. My friend was asked to cook some French/Italian cuisines for the event and I gladly offered her my assistance in anyway she would find me helpful. Since I thought she knew my extra limited cooking skill, I was expecting to be asked to help in serving, table preparation, translation and washing dishes. But amazingly, she actually trusted me to help her in cooking (of course with her guidance but this does not mean supervision). I kinda cooked the risotto (including one strike of salt and another strike of pepper to the plate!), tasted the pork belly (I think it is belly) and pumpkin soup for flavoring, and I half made meringue… Even though I failed to give the best comments on the flavoring, I was quite proud of the meringue and risotto, (again, actually the meringue kinda failed too). Anyway, it was my first try ever, to actually doing things and made something edible (HAHA). She also taught me about meringue, I made the French type, with raw (powdered) sugar and egg white, the others are Italian (with boiled sugar but not caramel and raw egg white) and Swiss meringue (with sugar and egg white cook to around 50 degrees) 🙂 *she told me yesterday so please feel free to correct me in case my memory decided to play a trick on me*

I stood for super long hours, translated a lot of words and washed countless dishes as expected. Some unexpected such as the emotional tension. Not only in the kitchen, it was about the whole thing, most of the time. The stress is combination of continuous function within two days time interval (if this phrase make sense to you) and problem kept arising like crazy. The physical strength needed, the procedures, the cooking, the everything also beyond my expectation, remember that I never cook for anyone, including myself. All home chefs in the world, you have my respect! So as dish cleaners… it was a very tough job.

Original picture: Mushroom risotto. All rights reserved.

From this experience, yes I learnt about the cooking, French style fine dining and the harsh time in the kitchen. One thing that I really want to share however, is the importance of INNER PEACE, SELF CONTROL, EMOTION CONTROL, the art of LETTING GO, and most importantly APPRECIATION and RESPECT. My friend was amazing, I screwed up badly on the tasting but she thanked me, I was scared of doing my first meringue but she told me “I teach you and you will be able to do it”, I have no idea about how to serve, how to do plating, and a lot of small and big things but she told me “thank you so much for your help and everything”. Honestly, I felt so touched, respected, supported and positive such that even though it was an extremely exhausting day but I had fun and was still smiling and kind of “happy-drunk” (not because of alcohol cause I did not drink any) that night.

To close the day should I quote myself…
Living a live halfhearted is like eating pumpkin soup cooked without love 

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