Making Viral Video More Viral

Minute 2:50, captured March 15. All rights reserved.

“When we stop putting people in boxes … suddenly, there’s us”.
(Credit: TV 2 Thanks Denmark! and Jay Shetty)

I was so touched and literally cried, twice. I feel that this is one kind of a wake up call for the society, for me. Reminding us that no matter how different we look like, no matter what label given to us by the society is, actually we are never that different from one another. Now of all time, when hate crimes are arising, fanatics are out of control, etc. I think it is very important for us to revisit this fact. Of course, as individuals we are all unique so that we are different but the stress is not us as the whole individual but part of us. For example, I am a student while at the very same moment I am a daughter, also a traveler, a mathematician, a good friend, a dreamer,… so on and so forth. You and me might share one or more of these roles, that make us understand one another because we are facing similar life experience. If we does not share any at all, I might be sharing the feeling of the one you love, people around you, which produced different link between us. Realizing this make discriminating/hating others due to outer appearance, or society label should be out of question. Get to know the other party to understand the other roles they are playing, to get to know their personality and interest, not their outer layer; ethnicity or even religion.

Captured March 15 from Google. All rights reserved.

Then there is these videos (search:”DNA Journey” in Youtube); kind of have a similar topic with the first one, talking about DNA test result revealed one’s ethnicity origin. Shockingly, you might not came from the place you thought you were from; so say if someone hated another person due to his/her origin but actually they might be related, does it not mean this person should hate him/herself as well as his/her whole family? Then even if there is no family connection, the Small World project proposed that we can always find human link through five to seven steps (on average) of acquaintances also known as six degrees of separation theory.  To be honest, it is too complicated for me but all I need to know is that we are all related, linked through DNA or mutual acquaintances.


So to wrap up, hating, discriminating or hurting others just based on outer appearance is too unreasonable for they might share your pain and worries or your joy. Furthermore, DNA knows that you might actually be far far far (or not so far) relative to one another. In general hating someone is not advisable but if you really need to, think about it thoroughly, don’t just basing your hate due to their society/your own label.

Featuring not so related song: Six degrees of separation – The Script.


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