Advice from a Friend

Every person was born as a complete being, one whole person, no more and no less. When we got into relationship, often people will give part of them away to our partner, expecting him/her to give us back part of them to make us feel complete. This kind of relationship is very fragile; when the other party decided to quit the game of love, we will be left with part of us missing and thus make us upset and unhappy a.k.a broken heart-ed. But how can we play it right? No one goes into a relationship expecting to be left behind right, so which is why we give part of us as a symbol of trust. While this was a common thought, I received a very nice saying from a dear friend; this is my interpretation on what she said:
When we are in a relationship, we should not give a part of us away to the other guy. We should keep ourselves whole hence we stay as independent person in relationship. Sound a little bit self-centered and contradicting the relationship idea, but here is my favorite part;
Exact wordings: when we are in relationship we should share part of us, not give it away and thus we stayed as a whole (translated from French)
My interpretation: when we are in relationship, we need to combine ourselves to make value, and share that value together, we  should make ourselves more than a whole such that when the relationship fall apart, we become no less than we were before, actually we should have more due to the value added from the relationship.

I have never been in a relationship before but when I heard my friend told me about this, I really think that this is worth sharing. Relationship failure is one of the major reason of depression (see Wikipedia) and often lead to psychological disease or even suicide cases. Of course one might say that just talk is easy, but to the action which count; how to do it? My friend answered it like this: take a step back, look at your relationship case from third person point of view, try to give yourself advice as a spectator because it is all about perspective. If you can draw yourself away from emotional attachment to your problem, you will know the wisest way to encounter the problem and solve it. I found this is useful not only in relationship context but in generally every problem. Hard but not impossible, practice makes perfect.

Last but not least, though she mentioned it at the very beginning. Your happiness should come from yourself internally, you should not expect external factor to help you to be happy.

Dear Mélyssaa, if you ever read this, I hope I get your meaning correctly. Nevertheless, as I told you, this is a very nice advice and I really hope that this will help someone out there. I would like to elaborate longer but I think that should wait until I experienced it first handed. Thank you so much tho!

Featuring: Mint na Bokura manga by Wataru Yoshizumi. Love and learn :3

Random Story

This is an original story first draft written by me. I was inspired by several stories especially the fable of the Fox and the Moon and the Mouse and Her Groom. I am planning to use this as my “story telling” assignment and would love to hear your feedback. My target audience would be people who criticize life but of course hopefully could be a thing to think about for everyone, feel free to drop your comments. So here is where the story begins:


Retrieved from Google 5/11/2016. All rights reserved.

Once upon a time deep within a jungle live a little creature who always hid himself. He has no memory of his family and friends, all he knew was in this world he is alone. One night, he was feeling quite lonely so he decided to seek the moon for comfort. He sat on a cold rock near the lake, bathing himself under the moon gentle light, closed his eyes and let his mind wonder to his imaginary world. But suddenly he heard a voice talking to him, “hey you…yes you.” He looked around and found two fishes were looking at him funnily. “We have never seen you before, what are you? ”
“I don’t know what I am. I was separated from my tribe when I was young and now I am alone.”
“Oh look at those pretty pair of red eyes, I have seen it before, you must be one of those rabbits!” say the other fish.
“I am a…rabbit? Really? Where can I find them?”
But the fishes had already left him, alone again with the night breeze.


The next day, he muster up his courage and went to look for the rabbit tribe. After searching for the whole day, he finally spotted a small animal with seemingly red eyes in the savanna; a female rabbit who was gathering some food. He ran toward her with all his strength. When she saw him approaching she turned pale and ran for her life. Eventually, he caught her with his front legs and after some struggling, she pleaded, “don’t eat me please I have to go home and feed my family.”
“I am not here to eat you miss rabbit because I am also a rabbit! See my red eyes? Please let me go with you.” He let her free and showed her his eyes.
The rabbit examines him for a while but then shouted angrily, “Do you think I will ever fall for that? Don’t you ever get close to my kids! Yes you have red eyes but what kind of ears are those? We, rabbits are proud of our long ears not pointy one like yours, now if you have no more business, please excuse me stupid cat!”
“Oh, so I am not a rabbit but a cat! Where can I find them?” But once again he was left alone with no answer under the setting sun.
Since the day has turned dark, he decided to wrap up for the day. The moon is there again, shine on him gently, so warm, I wish I could find my family soon, said his heart to himself before letting the dream takeover his consciousness.

The day changed, he searched and found the cat tribe. But the poor creature was once again told off;
“You think you are a cat? How shameful, you clearly lack of elegance. You are just like a pig, dirty and stupid.” So he went to chase for pigs.
“Look at those long legs, no way you are pigs,” said the pigs lazily, “you must be a horse since you run so fast!”
But the horse told him, “you sure ran fast but you have no hoof. Maybe you are a dog, look it is one of them, Dog! Hey Dog! Come here, do you know this fellow?”
“Hey horse my mate! What’s up?” replied the dog while intensely look at the creature.
“Oh, you must be the grandson of the uncle of my grandfather’s nephew right?”
Filled with excitement he nod his head. He could care less of this grandson of who of who and just followed the dog home. Finally he found a place to stay there. He was very happy that he found his family but deep in his heart he felt that he is different from other dogs. The hole that was once in his heart has not completely gone but he buried that feeling and continue with his newly established life.

Months later, it was just another silent night, this creature suddenly get the urge of loneliness so he decided to go for a walk. The moon is especially bright that night. The creature climbed up the hill higher than he had ever done before, afraid that other dog might sighted him. He climbed and climbed and he found this cliff surrounded by no tree, leaving him with just the moonlight. He remembered his days when he was loss and said “thank you moon, because you are here by my side each night, your gentleness gave me warmth at night and gave me courage” and he howled.


“We shot it! We shot the wolf!”~

Retrieved from Google 5/11/2016. All rights reserved.

The story stops there. I can’t believe that I spent days to finish this story from brainstorming until the first draft. I had asked some people and they all have different interpretation of the story (and they fixed my grammar a lot too). So really looking forward for your perspective. Hope you found this story interesting.