Non-Valentine Random Post About Low Class Work

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Investment bankers, financial analysts, mechanics, computer programmers, doctors – we all know how hard to attain these professions are and we have to spent days, months, years to be part of the job market. While waiters/waitresses, administrators, helpers and kind are the type of job that perceived as low level work, easy and stupid job. I thought so too, I always want to be one of the high class people and underestimated the other group, well, don’t you think serving food, washing dishes, cleaning the floor, etc. are super easy job?
Yeah, only until I tried doing it.

Now you might stop and pity me. That poor girl with useless bachelor degree is doing low life job. Judge me all you want but let me just say this: both groups are equivalently tiring in a different way, one require more brain power while the other, heart power and muscle. One will argue that working in high tier organizations also involve a lot of emotions. It is absolutely true but different emotions indeed, you will get it after you experienced it.
Not to get too specific but I am currently finance my travel by working on the hostel I am staying in. It is a great place and I really love the people here, a lot of stories, thoughts being exchanged and I feel like I have been talking forever to so many different people. To make it clear: it is amazing, great experience. But here is the thing; maybe it is because this is the first time I am doing this, I feel a little bit oppressed. Since I will be staying for (kind of) long time, the manager just asked me to do everything, like I should have had a week holiday before everything started but I started working since the first day already. Of course I don’t mind at all, really I would love to help out as much as possible. But then there are times when I need to be alone or when I was tired, but he always called me because there are always something going on around, it was just……
Also, at home, I never need to wash my dishes, such a spoiled little girl but here I need to wash TEN people’s dishes (with extra cleaning and a lot of other things). Again it is not a big problem at all, but you see when he keep adding work to do – it just become so frustrating. Well I am lamenting right now but this is a big emotional test for me. As a low class working employee, it is just so hard to earn respect and hard to complain or voice out my opinion. He heard me out but not listening I think. He is a nice person but not a very nice manager. But this is part of the consequence of my decision so I am trying my best to take it easy and not going crazy……

PS: I know I should return to the top and re-read before posting but I think I need a crying break so please pardon my English as always.

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PSS: Happy valentine’s day peeps! (or single awareness day whichever applicable)
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“…Still alive but barely breathing…”

A New Kind of A…


My friends and family always associate me to working; took too many projects, work long hours, cannot relax, enjoyed doing task even when it is not very necessary — workaholic. While it might be true but it does not mean that it is what I want to be. I enjoy having things to do, being efficient and produce something in result. I also need to work to support my life financially. Thanks to that my schedule is normally full of shifts and my to do list is seldom (or never) empty of prioritized tasks. Even in my leisure time (read: less busy period), my wondering mind never failed to add bullet points to my list, new ideas to work on or progress and revision on what I have been working or has worked on. This behavior started from high school and recently I started to get overwhelmed, which was why I took a short break from things and travel (as mentioned in the previous post). But here is the thing:9051d8061c0e382af394e6a79c5c8cd1

Being busy is addiction, I am out here trying to get out but ended up piling more work due to the feeling that I have more time to invest now.

Currently I have at least four things that I marked high priorities on my new list (which was blank half a month ago). I feel excited to have new tasks with different nature from what I was working on before. I can see my exhausted self around the corner due to overworking (again) but I cannot just drop these opportunities. Is it good or is it bad? I don’t know, but I hope things will work out eventually.

***Marked shortest post so far***
PS: too busy to write longer but I want to write.

Because Plan Does Not Always Work Out

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Not every plans in life went exactly like how we wanted them to be.. In my case to be exact, only very few things worked out as planned. When I was younger, I have always dream to be a chef, playing with mud soup and soil rice – literally. As I grew older however, I realized that my talent on working with knife limited to spreading jam on my breads or I might ended up hurting the kitchen. So I decided the alternative, I planned to be a veterinarian. Again as life went on I realized that animals seem to dislike me, vice versa. As a child I had so many dream jobs and future fantasies; beside chef and veterinarian, I have had wanted to be basketball player, short distance runner, housewife, writer, pianist so on and so forth. I guess that’s pretty normal for kids, everything seems cool and we aren’t scared of dreaming big just yet. But truth to be told, it was far too early for me to make any decision by that age, I planned nothing and just follow the orders and suggestions given to me, to go to A primary school and B middle school.
Around the age of 14, I started to make minor decisions in life, including high school choice but it does not really matter actually. I have always thought that I will walk behind my older sibling’s footsteps and that I won’t need to make my own decision; graduate high school and go to the same university with the same degree. However, toward the end of senior high school, suddenly it dawned to me that I cannot just parrot my sibling’s decision since we have different interest and capabilities. With very little clue on what I want to be, I chose the safest major in one of the prestigious university in Asia, used up my life luck and got unexpectedly admitted. First big encounter that was not planned, a good one turn in life.

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I was so nervous about studying abroad and really afraid that I might have made a wrong choice but with other’s encouragement, I decided to face front. In this university, we have a year introduction to the school before eligible to specialized in a major. I spent this one year to planned on which major to study, minor and my other three years study path. Of course I made alternatives in case plan A failed. But sadly, no plan was well executed, I was rejected by my major choice, have not enough credit for minor and that study path has (hopefully) arrived to recycling place. Of course I was upset due to the rejection, I was dejected to be enrolled to the so called inferior major and I felt that my whole life has just ruined, not exaggerated. This was my second life changing unexpected event. It took me some time to cool down and accept this bad news which when I think about it now, actually might not be that bad, and restructure my life.
Half a year after, around two years ago, I was given the opportunity to go on study exchange. I wasn’t planning to go at all since the living expenses are too high around Europe and it’s a waste to pay full tuition fee in my university of I go to university in Asia which generally have lower cost. Anyway, I did my research and found two affordable cities to study in Europe, so with not much interest I applied to those two universities only (normally students choose 10 to increase probability of success). Later I was told that the destination universities I chose were not popular a.k.a exotic choice and as you might have guessed I got admitted and suddenly have to re-planned my study path, again! I could have rejected but I was curious and I dislike the idea of ditching opportunity so I went. Third unexpected event, nervous to fly to Europe alone for the first time.
Before I went. There was another happening, I was offered an internship in a conglomerate for the summer before my exchange study. Unlike the previous case however, I did my research, applied with expectation and gave my best for the interview. It was unexpected for me to get the offer because I found the other candidates have more experience and that I have no expertise required. But I was glad that I was offered and did my best to reach the manager’s expectation and acquired more than one new skills! Fourth unexpected experience.
Work life is so much different from study, it challenge my thinking, tiring but excite me the whole way. Exchange life also does change one’s way of thinking, especially when you came from the study-the-book-everyday culture like me. It also gave me exposure to western culture, which to be honest I found not THAT different to the east, we are all human after all and I came from one of the most diverse country. The experience opened my eyes of out of the book learning and make it happen yourself kind of learning. On the down side however, I became too lazy to attend classes after I come back to my mother university.
Half a year after my Europe trip again I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to have a summer internship in my home country. Before I always went around driving and could care less about my country’s social issues. But then in this occasion I tried to be independent of my parents and went around with public transportation, eat modest and rely only on my allowance. It is amazing how things looked so much different in that period of time. I have been living there since birth but I never really care and take notice of my surroundings, I was too pampered with my family’s luck. That summer, it dawned to me that there exists another side of the city, gloom, dirty, but has their own beauty.
Half a year after, again I was faced with another options. Either spent a chill last semester or do something to fill in the gap semester and rush my graduation requirements in summer semester. In the last minutes an opportunity came by to do work away and I accepted. A lot of things must be done in such a tight time frame, very tiring and I was unsure if I could make it in time. Eventually everything work out though and I just arrived to my new adventure destination! I wonder where will this chance bring me in future.
This has got longer than I planned to so I will leave my sharing to another post.

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Something About Wondering Around

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Who never use GPS or google maps to navigate their trip? Sure not every living human but I am quite confident that you readers had. It is easy, especially because it follow our location, then tell us which direction to turn to. Of course it is a great way to prevent us from getting loss (or simply make life more convenient). I had also used this service and like it very much, well except when they keep recalculating or reconnecting. I never fancy reading maps and have zero sense of direction so I found that GPS function is very helpful especially when I was new to the neighborhood. In the last two years however, I have developed a weird interest of getting lost in the old way; no INTERNET, no PHONE CALL, just address and static map. This is how it works:

  • Pinpoint the departing and destination spots in Google Maps
  • Choose “on foot” choice to find the route
  • Screen capture the maps (note: better to zoom in so trademark buildings included in the picture) — so called static map
  • Note down the route details (just take picture:))
  • Off you go!

Try to understand the maps beforehand to make the trip smoother. But why doing it?

The obvious answer is that we got to see a lot of new things around us. While we might have passed it hundred times on the bus, the view is just a glimpse because the bus velocity, or we may just to busy looking at our screen or dreaming. Moreover, by doing this you might get lost to somewhere new, for me this experience is quite thrilling; scary but made me excited- unknown place = new discoveries.

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This practice had helped me to be a better map reader and more attentive to my surroundings, to me most places have their own presence, some are “rough”; crowded, fast paced, unsmiling-unfriendly faces, some are “oblivious” and “dazzling”; most tourist places, where they shop with no care, big shops with pretty lighting, etc and some more like “gloomy”; old district, “energetic”; near schools, a lot of laughs.
You might not know that creativity could be enhanced while walking. The experiment by Stanford professors revealed that “…A person walking indoors … or walking outdoors in the fresh air produced twice as many creative responses compared to a person sitting down…” Walking also is associated with better health (read here) and a good substitute to other heavy workout.

As from my personal experience, my wondering around session has been very fruitful for producing ideas. Since walking generally required long commuting time, when I walk alone I have so much time to let my mind goes around. I thought of things that I ignored when I was too busy daily, memories sometimes came across when I witnessed some triggers, my mind responded to the news I just read i.e. pro or contra the US travel ban, etc. I thought of my life plan and alternatives, my favorite songs from long ago played in my head, and many more. It is a privilege to be disconnected from technology but so connected to the earth. I could walk for hours a day and my personal record cover around 20 km (according to Google maps) in 5 hours. This is a weird hobby that most people cannot get whenever I try to explain it to them, not even my friends understood-it is too painful and time consuming to walk- so I normally walk with myself. I talk to myself, sounds crazy but believe it or not, it is good for us, I mean to talk to ourselves (Google it).
The side benefit of this hobby is that I save little money but if more people develop this practice, I believe that in some cities it could reduce a lot of gas emission; some people I know drive to a place within walking distance because of habit. Of course not everyone have the time, but do try it once in a while, relieve yourself from the stressful routine.


Note: do NOT walk at night or too early in the morning alone, do NOT attempt to get lost if your neighborhood have a safety issue.

Happy travelling!

… now you know why I have no personal picture of my trips, I broke up temporarily with my phone in every of my walk session…

A Little Thought on Shopping and Some Other Things

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So just this morning I came across this post about a woman who only bought necessities for a whole year . I think she did a good experiment and proved that even girls can live without shopping. I rarely shop for clothes and accessories, I don’t wear makeup and cafe is not my place, which is somewhat questionable for most people around me. They told me that those activities are necessary in life especially for a young adult like me; that I am missing out a lot for being so ignorant. I believe that they said it with a good intention but I can’t agree with this saying.

Disclaimer: content might not be very well related one issue to another.

To a certain extent it is true that shopping could make us happy, I mean, who doesn’t love to treat ourselves with something good? But regularly buying clothes just because the dresses in the wardrobe are so ‘last month’s trend’ is so unnecessary and not environmentally friendly at all. Just for reference, in 2012, 13.1 million ton of clothes were trashed in USA alone (~14 million ton in 2014, try to find out how much in your country and share the shocking facts). It’s not that surprising though, if I was one of the trend follower, with the speed of trend turnover in fast fashion industry, I need at least one clothing purchase per month or so (actually I don’t know precisely, this is the purchase of my up-to-date friend). Does not sound too much actually but adding the number to the clothes that already in the wardrobe, it will most likely to be a lot. Nomads people like me tend to sort my clothes collection every time I need to move, but if you have a home (and time) it might be fun to unload your closet(s) and try to remember when was the last time you wear each clothes you have (and check for mold on some of the bottom class t-shirt). This activity might help you think of your own style which is most suitable and comfortable for you to wear such that in the future there is no need of following the trend (which might not be suitable for you). However, if you insisted that new clothes mean live to you then donate/recycle your clothes please 🙂

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Let’s move on to places to hang out. Cute/viral cafe, cinema, fancy restaurant, pub and bars, are usually mentioned. Some people argue, only by going to these places they could be called social and that is important. Here I argue that going there will not make us social but just more knowledgeable of stuffs that are ‘in’ thus create conversation topics. To be fair, surely these places are popular due to reasons which might as well be the motivation to go. Similar to argument above, in moderation it is never wrong to try new delicacy.

All in all, either you are more shopaholic or less, there is no right or wrong. Without people who shop, there will be no economic growth. But when people shop unnecessarily much, there will be environmental issue to deal with. Rather than judging others on should they buy more/less; sparing some time to think of our spending habit might be more meaningful. Separating necessities and luxury is not easy but everything start by a step. Our body does not change much after puberty, love and maintain our belongings so it last longer. Find alternatives such as hiking, volunteering, etc. for social experience (don’t forget to keep the mountain clean!).

Note: as said in the disclaimer, I realized this post is rather not harmonized. From my dissatisfaction of other judging me, waste problem to my own stereotype of over-valuation of viral shops. I will definitely try to do better job next time. I just really want to share the fact that is it NOT a must us to continue shopping, not all girls shop and socializing is way more that just hanging out in trend cafe.

TGIF folks!

For you who have spare time, try to watch documentary film “The True Cost” (not into documentary? try Confession of a Shopaholic) , some facts about waste by The World Counts and more information can be easily access by asking Mr. Google. Time to open our eyes before it’s too late.

Adult vs Manga?

Reading is bliss. I read most of things, news, novels (including thriller, fantasy, romance, adventure, self help, etc.), magazines, comics, everything with maybe exception of course handbook. Of all those, I should say Japanese comics also known as manga (漫画) is my favorite even until now. My parents dislike me reading those, they told me it has poor content, low intelligence and only made for kids to enjoy. They prefer me to read “higher level” of readings such as novels or papers instead. I believe this is another one of world’s stereotype where fairy tales, cartoons and comics are meant for kids only because of their not so sophisticated content. While is it true that most manga is drawn with excessive body features and have exaggerated plot, not all stories are shallow. A lot of series I read actually triggered deeper thinking on various real life issues; such as bullying, depression, trafficking, drugs addiction, etc., some tried to depict the possible future; mostly related to digitalization and artificial intelligence (AI), which actually happening at the moment (read: Japanese companies substituting workers with AI ) , whereas others talk about passion and achieving one’s dream.

Note: NOT all manga are worth to read, there are numerous manga I personally think are worthless and should be forgotten.

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Some masterpiece manga could be interpreted differently according to readers’ maturity. For example, I have read the popular series One Piece (1997-present) three times, in junior high, senior high and university. Initially I just followed the plot line and did not put much thought on it. The second time I read it, I started to think how wonderful that the main character and his nakama, despite their painful past are moving forward and try very hard to achieve their goal. Advancing back to back, such and such. But then, when I read it again, I know that they did not just fight due to trivial reasons, it actually incorporated discrimination, slavery, justice, stereotyping, uncontrollable technological advancement, child abuse, fake society, etc. It also touches on hope, dreams, recover from trauma, trusting oneself and your friends. Translated version of the series is currently on episode 852 and I don’t think it will end so
on, which discouraged most people from reading but there are some others series I would recommend too;
– Death Note by Ohba Tsugumi and Obata Takeshi – 108 chapters

Retrieved from Google Jan 15, 2017. All rights reserved
– Ansatsu Kyoushitsu by Matsui Yuusei – 180 chapters
– Full Metal Alchemist by Arakawa Hiromu -108 chapters
– Doubt by  Tonogai Yoshiki – 20 chapters
– Joker Game (anime) – 12 episodes (on going)
And many more, try to read those recommended with psychological tag, those are more likely to be worth reading, but others could be great too. Comedy tag series could be entertaining such as Sket Dance and Penguin Brothers. I normally try to avoid ecchi (might nudity or semi-nude), smut (include offensive esp. in regard to sexual content), yaoi (love between male), and yuri (love between female).
Anyway, I actually wrote about the very same issue twice without realizing it. Couple days ago I wrote about manga in general while another one included my interpretation to series One Piece. This reminded me on how strong my feeling towards this issue so I finally post this combined version minus the One Piece spoilers. Hope that if you are one of those people who think that manga is just worthless comic, this post could make you reconsider, at least by trying to read and look at them from different perspective 🙂
Happy reading because apparently, readers live longer!

When ‘Foodie’ Goes Wrong

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In 2016, there had been a lot of innovation on food servings, from adding color to normal treats such as rainbow bagel and rainbow cheese to various combinations of indulgent food that contained hundreds-or thousands-calories per serving. Businesses tried their best to ‘dress up’ their plates and create a food worth an Instagram post so that the social media will do them a favor so called free advertisement. Big incentive for businesses but from my point of view it is not a good practice at least for two reasons;


First, more obvious generalized reason, this trend might have took part in the increasing rate of obesity and diabetes patients. Well human are curious being and people like to be popular, so to reach that most people would follow the trend, though some might sound ridiculous. Putting it in this way, you might have guessed the second reason already; food waste.
Food waste has always been problem in a lot of countries for a long time. In the past most of consisted of ‘ugly’ harvests or ‘expired’ food. Recently however, there had been a lot of cooked food that were not eaten for various reasons but mostly gigantic servings. Some people just bought the trending food, took a lot of pictures, selfie whatsoever, ate half or a bite and throw the rest-just to give a tag “I have tried the popular____”. This is such a bad customer practice which not only wasting food but could also hurt the chef’s pride. Less obviously, some food innovation actually made for performance purpose which are pretty but wasteful. Here are some examples I found (click link for videos);

  1. This chocolate pinata
    Well… What to expect when you hit a choco ball? Guess the outer layer and inside fly all over the place. Of course, no one is going to bother to eat the debris, even when they are in fact chocolate.
  2. Exploding cheese burger
    Excessive cheese that exploded upon being cut. Cheese taste great,  enhance the whole burger eating experience but this exploding effect actually only caused the cheese erupt and fall down to the plate and washed away upon cleaning. See how much delicious cheese are being wasted here?

    Dessert by Caesars Palace. Retrieved Jan 8th from Google. All rights reserved.
  3. Treasure box crazy dessert and these creative cakes
    Obviously, too much mess going on. Pretty, creative but in the end most likely wasted.
  4. Selfie lollipops
    Another attractive and instagram-able treat which include unnecessary waste. Anyway, it’s cute to have a sculpture of my face but I do not wish to lick my own face of bite it.
  5. Lastly, a little off track but I came across this trend and hating it so much; so-called the Bread Face Girl. Obviously after people slammed their face (with make up) on the bread loaf, they will not eat them yea? Meaningless sacrifices #prayforbread.

Well, one can say that I am being to sensitive to this issue and actually no one cares of those small amount of food waste-ice cream melts and juice spills. But isn’t it the same thing as saying car crashed (accident) happened so why bother posting law on drunk driving. Some accidents inevitably will happen but if food purposely wasted, should we still turn blind eyes on them?
One way to stop this hype is to stop posting pretty food just because they are popular. I believe one is NOT a (real) foodie when they only take amazing pictures, it is a job for photographer. One is NOT a (real) foodie either if they just follow the trend and eat trending dishes with no preference, that is job for market surveyors.

“Foodies are people who love and appreciate food, not waste them.”

Note: Of course not everything about this trend is bad, positive things from this trend also could be seen such as increase in nutrition knowledge, etc. If you are interested, here is a good article to start

And more FYI: Food loss and waste facts