Sort of a Poem

Some people always look up
They failed to put their feet properly on the ground
Some people always look down
They failed to see the opportunity in the sky above
Some people forget to look back
They repeated the same mistake twice
Some people forget to look front
They are bounded by the past
Some people too focused on their right
They unable to see people who stand with them even when they were wrong
Some people too focused on their left
They unable to see the new things coming if only they willing to change

Not really a poem but hope you like it…


Disgraceful Job? Think Again

Screen captured from To Sell is Human page 144 sample Kindle book on 29 August 2017. All rights reserved.

In the process of job seeking I came across with job stereotyping. While sure enough some jobs sound more spectacular, require more skills and bear additional responsibilities, I believe it is not a reason to underestimate other occupations, especially as a fresh graduate. To be fair, if there are peers who got accepted as a traders in prestigious investment firm or researchers, of course we (or actually me) will say “WOW”. But if other peers were to say they got a job as clerk, sales or even HR, most people will frown, give an awkward smile and say “ah… good”.

Like majority of people, I don’t fancy those roles. I used to be those who frowned when I heard the word sales, and honestly never ever want to be associated with that word ever. That was my feeling before. Quite recently, I started to think more about it and somehow it dawned to me that I must have been wrong. All my life I have this terrible stereotype on this profession (you know they force you to buy things) but I realized I was not thinking very openly. Forced selling (such as foot-in-the-door) is so yesterday and it is just a very small thing of sales. Honestly, every business can only sustain if they can sell. Either the products and services are so good and useful thus people will buy it voluntarily, or that you are so good and able to convinced the public to buy things/services they actually might not need. Dig deeper, sales should also be associated to the event when entrepreneurs pitch their ideas to investors, to the social events where there are implicit connections sales a.k.a building connection, interviews (selling one’s qualification), even as a wife convincing the husband to buy her a Zara dress (selling reason) and many more. Selling is what we do everyday and it is not a shameful thing. IB traders is useless when there is no demand in their services, selling is arguably the core of the business. I hope by now you are at least a little convinced of the importance of sales job and how it had been underestimated all these years. So now the important question is how good are you at selling? I believe how far one can take their selling ability will be one of the success measure to which extend he/she  or me will succeed in life.

Retrieved from Google on 29 August 2017. All rights reserved.

Apparently, I am not the only person that have this view, I have only read the sample chapter from Amazon but I will recommend it anyway for those interested: “To Sell Is Human: The Surprising Truth About Moving Others” – Daniel H. Pink (Amazon link). The sales approach is changing, less (if there is at all) catalogs and door to door sales, more technology implemented giving the exact suggestions to the right customer. The role of sales is shifting, not to force but to be creative such that they could successfully convinced the other party. This is one of the crucial skill needed by any CEO as well. So you might start as a small sales potato but I firmly believe that learning from it could bring really promising future.

Lastly, in the first paragraph I say not to underestimate any occupation. Sales is underrated but it is hardly the worse job, I mean, some people do choose to be in the field and there is professional terms for them as well. How about cleaning services, cashier? A lot of people never appreciate their doing and maybe even think they are filthy. But here is some evidence why low paying occupations are also important in a business. As you might have guessed I will say “can you imagine if no cleaning service to clean your firm’s toilet” or “imagine if there is no trash collector”, I believe you had imagined it (and maybe now you will say, “well I don’t need cashier because I can be charged online directly from the barcode”)  and yes they play roles there. But take a sit and think about this video

Try to look behind the citizens who are in crisis and waited hours to spend their money to supply their home. Try to think about the cashier officer on the end of that line, he/she cannot buy but have to be stand by there to serve others (and make sure the grocery was not raided), see the back officers who, in the middle of the heavy rain after big storm, came to work to provide others facilities. Then maybe take a look at this news titled: Japan’s Richest Village Can’t Find Workers for Its Factory. A business cannot work effectively and efficiently with only top management, they need people to do the small things too because a lot of small things will turn big in the end. That being said, the news of Elon Musk that fired (or not) his secretary after asking for salary raise. Whether he fired her or she decided to walk away, I cannot appreciate his way of treating her. If he thinks that her job is so easy that he can dispose her then shall he not say it so in the first place? Rather he decided to let her take a vacation while he showed the world he can do her and his job similarly well (I mean she has worked for him in the same position for 12 years). This is somehow more shameful than being fired right away because it is like saying that all those 12 years he was just tolerating her to be there and she added very little value to his company. But anyway, that is just my opinion. The third story is more personal, as the news had covered, typhoon Hato that hit Hong Kong and Macau recently left very bad taste in the city. The condition was terrible the day after the typhoon; trees, trashes, and every other things were scattered all over the place according to the footage. But amazingly, on my way to work the next day, the traffic in most places I passed are cleared and even the foot way have only several obstacles. The dirt of Hato still remains but only on the sides, places where it does not affect anyone. Meanwhile, I also saw the cleaning squad swept the road and clear it. I dare not to guess at what time the team started the cleaning such that the morning traffic went pretty smoothly but I guess there are people who don’t care as long as they can arrive to their office safely. I am too sometimes forget to appreciate their work, but I am trying my best to do a better job at it starting by giving a simple greetings~

Things That I Never Able to Understand

…which I encountered during my part time job.


Since 2014, I have been working part-time in my university’s library. There I sit in the information desk near the entrance and my main duty is to answer questions, lend inventories as well as making sure people can come in and out through the gate smoothly without bringing food with them.

First thing first: The gate that can be seen above. 
So this gate is ‘special’ as in super moody but it really required no skill just patience to go through it. The mechanism is simple, make sure to stand behind the censor, tap your id card to the identifier, wait a second or half then walk in smoothly. There is an instruction on the identifier and if something blocked the censor, it will lit up red light and make a long beep sound. Super clear and easy, however, amazingly this gate always probe problems. More than many people failed to come inside and it is not rare to hear loud crash sound when people tried to barge in. Well, another reason why they can’t come in because their card is expired or not authorized to access the library due to lag in system information update. This too however, shown in the display of the identifier. Whenever I approached them and asked what was wrong with the card they just say ‘expired’ or ‘not authorized’ with angry or confused face which I really don’t get. They should know better than trying to come in without authorization, right?
Sad to remind you that this is a university library door and it required NO skill to come in. I really don’t understand why people still failed so miserably.

Second: No food or drink in library.
To me, this is very obvious. Library is a public area to study, enjoy books and maybe do school work. How can I concentrate if while I am reading there is a smell big mac and munching sound from one beside me? In addition, this five floors library has only two entrances, not much ventilation. Imagine if ten people eat Subway sandwich in the area everyday, can we smell fresh air ever again? Yet another issue with drinks. We do allow sealed container beverages but not those that could spill. This is a preventive measure such that no water will be spilled on to the devices and broke any of library’s property. Not only that, apparently these people are not very responsible of their rubbish. Often me and the security found empty cans and snack packages around the study area, which really downgraded the hygiene of the place. If one really in need to refresh themselves, the library offer this place where you can eat snacks and drink called the refreshment zone, still people will secretly eat inside the library premise without feeling guilty. Well, a lot of this library users, who are pursuing degree or universities staffs and professors, don’t care and some even scolded us for having the policy. Very ironic and I cannot understand why.

Third: Discussion volumedsc_0018.jpg
Remember what your mom used to say when visiting a public library? “Shhh, keep your voice down” or something with similar caliber. On the left is a picture of the learning commons area. Despite being still part of the library, here we could tolerate a little bit of noise. However, some group of people just cannot get how little is a little and just started chatting as if they are in the canteen. Laughing pretty disgracefully and worse of all, seems like have no understanding of public space respect. I have a very legit reason behind this claim. As a good employee I had approached these groups more than dozen times to ask them (from politely to not so politely) but they never fix their behavior and we received numerous complains from other users. I tried to reason with them and it quickly escalated to argument. Despite wining the argument (and successfully kick them out), they still come back again the next day with the same behavior. This actually cost their nationals a bad name within the library cycle where we label this national as troublemaker (lead to stereotyping other people of the same national). And they claimed to be university students. Ummm, I don’t understand.

Three is a golden number so let me just stop here for the moment. Maybe after reading those problematic points you came to a conclusion that I hate this job. Well luckily, I am not. This job is very petty that some people underestimated it but I learned a lot of my experience here and I made some very good friends along the way. Due to the nature of the job, I constantly have to face confused or angry or ignorant people that have various way of communicating, which required me to actually adapt with their style and try not to be too irritated with anything. I also was able to practice my language by pretending to be Chinese or Hong Kongnese as appropriate, then revert back to “English please” if I don’t understand their question haha. I have been here for nearly three years that contract end seems so unreal to me. But it is coming and I guess I am ready. I hold no grudge to anyone but I think the stereotype will still lasted for some time; the things I learned will always stay similarly to all the friends I made during the period. This includes two generations of student helpers, my supervisors, reference librarians, thank you Eunice for the graduation gift, Xiaolei for the morning and evening ride from/to Choi Hung, Susan for nice homemade bread, technicians, also cleaning service jiejie and beloved Ming Jie and A jie, thank you for various snacks and dinner you shared with me!

The perks of working in library? Your own fast PC, self-made locker and ability to enter library when no one has been welcomed yet!
DSC_0075**All pictures were taken by and copyrighted to @random.walk_ (me!)**


“Life is too short to not be creative”


This is an amazing online tool to create amateur art.
Recently I created an Instagram account ( @random.walk_ ). This account contains my original work, photography as well as the quotes. I utilized Canva to make most of the work and it really helpful and it made me addicted. Quotes did not just come to me, most of them came due to the circumstances and thus there are stories behind my work. These are some work that I had posted (or will)

This is rare but all rights reserved to me! yes!

“Success is a measure of self-satisfaction”
I believe that success is a very subjective term. One can be a billionaire but if he thinks that he is not successful enough and that he needs more; the public can believe he had succeeded but for him: success still not around the corner. Other people might feel successful when they reached a level, for example, married to a higher status husband. Society might redeem this is not even an achievement to be proud of, but she is happy and she thinks that she had succeeded so she is. Hope this is logical enough.

“Observe beyond what the eyes saw”
Most of the time people failed to see the beauty, the positive half of the truth and focused deeply on the sad facts. It is easy for the eyes to deceive the brain and made our lives seems to be more miserable. Take a deep breath and think about what you saw, switch your perspective and do not let your eyes failed you.

“Professionals are experienced amateur”
It is not a secret that everyone starts someone. There are prodigies but they still born only able to cry. From the book Outliers, I had known that talent is a thing but most of the successful people just trained. trained and trained for 10,000 hours. That means they just stacking knowledge and experiences. So while NOT every amateur can be professional, professionals undoubtedly were cultivated from an amateur.

“Fail thousand times, succeed life once”
We heard a lot about how falling does not matter, what matters is if we can get up again. This has a similar idea, in life, we will encounter numerous failures, rejections that will make us down. Even if we did succeed, it might come with a risk of failing more in the future. Whilst this could be very nerve-wracking, just remember two things; one, a success is determined by oneself and second, we do not need much success anyway, once successful life should wrap everything up.

“Life full of lies”
We live in a world of paradoxes. Truths are never 100% true and there is truth behind lies. No one living a life without ever lied, whether they realized it or not. This is what I believed. Featuring book by Philip Zimbardo, “The Time Paradox”.

“Learn to spend, earn a friend” and “Friends sound so fake”
I really do not want to say it but I remembered my discussion with a friend couple years ago. Having friends means we exchange benefits, either socially, financially, or other needs. Sad but do not be too pessimistic, scientists are still looking into altruism that might support the concept of unconditional friendship.

Have not posted this but I really like it. As you might have felt from previous posts; currently I am in a hard situation, I face an extreme challenge in which prevented me to move forward. I am unsure of where to go and what to aim. The pressure behind me say the road behind is not an option but I am stuck. Eventually, I started to believe that sometimes taking one or two steps back is not a shameful decision.


Language Just for Fun

Hi everyone, today I was rather bored and I made something that I think pretty fun. I did it without help of google translate, I made the first paragraph with my basic Japanese, translated it Chinese (second worse) then translated to English and finally to my mother tongue. First thing first, I will like to apologize for all the mistakes in any language. I found that I am really not born a writer. But I think this exercise was very fun, thrilling, left me to think hard and cost me around an hour. Feel free to let me know if you spotted grammar mistake, wording mistakes, spelling mistakes, translation mistakes or whatever. Then try! Enjoy~





他家晚上好!很久不見。 這幾短文我用中文寫下。最近我開始學了日語,但是現在還很懶。我從六月開到現在從MEMRISE而且YOUTUBE一直學所以我會說一點了。現在啦,我正在找日本朋友,想要練習我的說話能力。上個星期我找到了一個APP,這個APP很棒而且多方便。從這個APP裡面,我可以和謀生聊天,再說,很多日本人。我的朋友都說這個APP會一點危險,我可不覺得。我認為多小心就不會有什麼問題,你覺得?啊,這個APP是叫TANDEM。如果你有下載,請找我聊天哦~


Good evening everyone! Long time no see. This time I will write in English. Recently I started to learn Japanese, but currently is it still bad. From June up to now, I have been learning from Memrise and Youtube so I can speak a little. Actually I am looking for Japanese friends such that I could practice my Japanese. Last week, I found one application. This application is very powerful! It is also very convenient. This app let me to have a chat with strangers, there are a lot of Japanese there. My friends think that it is a bit dangerous, but I do not mind. I believe I just need to be careful and nothing wrong will happen, right? BTW, this app called Tandem. If you have it, let’s chat sometime.


Selamat malam semua! Lama tak jumpa. Kali ini saya akan menulis dengan Bahasa. Baru baru ini saya mulai menekuni bahasa Jepang, saat ini kemampuan saya masih sangat terbatas.Sejak Juni sampai hari ini, saya belajar melalui Memrise dan Youtube, sehingga saya sedikit sedikit bisa berbicara bahasa Jepang. Saat ini sebenarnya saya sedang mencari teman berbangsa Jepang, untuk melatih bahasa Jepang saya. Minggu lalu, saya menemukan satu aplikasi. Aplikasi ini sangat hebat! Ditambah lagi mudah digunakan. Melalui aplikasi ini, saya bisa berbincang dengan orang lain yang tidak saya kenal. Teman-teman saya merasa aplikasi ini sedikit berbahaya, tapi saya pikir tidak. Asal saya berhati-hati, seharusnya tidak ada masalah, setuju? Oh ya, aplikasi ini bernama Tandem. Jika anda juga terdaftar, mari berbincang!


Define “Dream”!


“Dream – The first thing people abandon when they understand how this world works.”

Retrieved 5 August 2107 from 9Gag. All rights reserved.

When I saw this, it was terrible how strongly related I felt toward this definition of ‘dream’. I spent some time to think about myself. I realized that I don’t have a dream, I have lots of dreams. Looking deeper to each of these dreams, I realized that I no where near any of them. While my dreams are not fairy tales or fictions, I feel that it is so far from my current reach. So far, I had made several attempts on pursuing these dreams, but most, if not all of them failed and I did not move even one step closer. This realization made me frustrated and somehow helpless. But then I try to forget it and move on.

Just couple days ago however, I talked to a friend about my employment progress. I told him that my luck has not improved and subsequently he asked me about the kind of job I applied to. So I told him that I applied to companies that triggered my interests, above and beyond my field of study. Because I firmly believe that if I have to work there then I need to like it first and I am pretty confident with my adaptability and learning ability so getting used to the work could could second. He called this “impossible job”. This caught me off guard. I thought that I am doing what all people are doing, applying to business that interest me, but he told me that most people just apply to job with high probability to get into or so called the “definite-yes” choice, not the impossible one. It left me thinking, maybe I dreamed too much and no wonder I never got a chance because they are in the impossible job category for me. This brought me back to the quote, I think I should grow up, forget fairy tales and get a life.

Retrieved 7 August 2017 from Google. All rights reserved.

That however, I did not do. The idea just did not match my fundamental believe and I know that I cannot do it. I think if I get a normal job and work through it without any interest in it I will actually be stuck, stuck in a world of deception and I dont want to live there. Anyway, I started to see this meme from another perspective. Dream – the first thing people abandon when they understand how this world works, Why would they abandon dreams when they understand the world? How actually the world works? The answer, might not be the right one, but it dawned to me that, when we understand the world is not an easy place to live. It works unfairly and to get something you might have to put abundant efforts and even sacrifice other important things. to put it simple: dream does not come true by dreaming. So we should leave the dreams for the night and instead convert them into real goals with action plans. In the end hopefully we could say “Yes, dreams come true”.


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Why People are so Scared of Automation?

Retrieved 31 July 2017 from Google. All rights reserved.

I am just one person so my opinion does not represent any population at all. This post is purely the fruit of my brief thoughts when I was asked if I am afraid that my future job will be looted by robot or not. At first, the idea seems scary because that means I will be unemployed and bored and poor and sad and die earlier – too exaggerated but somehow true. Then I think to myself, why will I be sad? I heard all bad things about working such as stress, harassment, not respected, etc. If I could not work, I should be happier and can have time for myself like what I am doing now; read books, learn language, meet people so on and so forth. Well, by now you might have an idea why people are scared of losing their expertise field to robot. The smaller possibility to earn money in the specific field we had spent most of our life before. No money means life will be harder due to restriction in movement, unable to but utilities and even worse incapability to fulfill daily needs. This is the critical point – MONEY.

Retrieved 31 July 2017 from Google. All rights reserved.

I am not saying that without money, one cannot be happy but I believe that uncertainty due to financial incapability and absence of source of earnings will affect one’s life severely. Moreover, in today’s society money could be considered essential. With only money we can buy our necessities and rest assured; recent study even proved that money could actually buy even happiness (Whillans, et all,  2017). Also with automation, it is likely that it will increase inequality in the society, business owners for example will be better off while low class workers ended up in a worse condition. Why, of course because the business could reduce labor cost and pile up more revenue while the laid off people can just pack their bag and go home. Bill Gates had previously proposed a solution by taxing the robots (Fortune, 2017). This could be a good measure as the robot tax could be given back to the unfortunate by building more public facilities and give better social supports and securities.

But there is always but, tax is a very sensitive word to me. Earlier today I was discussing tax payment back in my country, which is still developing. Tax paid by the citizen arguably never come back around for the public good. We only observed that the more we pay tax the chubbier our politicians’ belly – if you get what I mean. The point here is, while imposing tax could be beneficial if is done right but since I am not a big fan of politicians, I am skeptical of its effects. At the moment I favor one governmental move which is the universal basic income.

Retrieved 31 July 2017 from Google. All rights reserved.

This idea is still under experiment in couple European countries pioneered by the Finnish. It has shown both positive and negative effects. Apart from being controversial, it is very unfavorable to the government since it requires HUMONGOUS AMOUNT OF MONEY — imagine how much Chinese government have to provide even just for half of it 1.3 billion citizen? A lot. Anyway, I am sure that people up there will find a way to deny its usefulness or implement it with restrictive measure such that the country will not bankrupt. I am just saying from my dreamy understanding of the scheme, by having a basic income we would be able to life unconcerned of money and do more valuable things. While this exclude eating in Michelin restaurant everyday, buying luxury clothes and queuing for newest iPhone, I think I can live with it. There should be more sharing platform which can be access free publicly, including activities that add value such as library, sport teams, community services, etc. The main idea is there should be a system in which human could live without worry but did not end up stupid due to unavailable access to activities that add value. These people with basic income given to them should be able to utilize their knowledge to make a better environment and thus boost the quality of life around them. No one need to do things they hate just to survive and that they contribute to the best of their expertise. Helping other boost one’s happiness and induced kindness chain (Fowler, Christakis, 2009) research claimed. This really sound so dreamy and jut hope it might come true.

In the end, my answer of the main question: “Are you scared that robot will take over your job?”
Short answer: no.
Long answer: no, but I am afraid of the uncertainty that will follow from the time in which I will be unemployed due to automation. While currently I am sure that job take over will not happen since I am confident in my creative thinking and learn-ability (let be a little positive once in a while) but AI is developing fast and no one knows up to what degree will it evolves in the future. So I just hope that before that happen, the people up there have found the answer or give me a change to work it out i.g. employ me please?

HAHA hope you enjoy~